• 1st place :  extra 10% off    CLAIMED

BONUS Rewards

& Everyone gets a free pen.  GOOD LUCK!

Referral Rewards

  • 25th place :  Free Last Name Rustic Wood Carving. 2'x3'
  • 50th place :  Free Full Cord of Seasoned Firewood

Feb 1st  -  Feb 28th

February 4

 Congratulations to Mrs. Richardson for being the first to find us on the trail! You get 45% off that tree removal.

  • 100th place :  Extra 15% off

35% off your next tree care project.

March 1st - March 31st

" Deals and Discounts on Tree Care in Portage, Kalamazoo and surrounding areas."

Legal:  35% off applies to tree projects $1000 and under. Tree must fit qualifying criteria and be approved by a representative of Chapin Services, LLC. Criteria includes but is not limited to; Location, species, Site Factors. Topography, impact targets, tree safety.  All places based on first come first serve basis. The bonus is over and above the general prize. Offer ends February 28th or at 100th place, Whichever comes first. Chapin Services is not responsible for lost redemption codes. Non-transferable, cannot be exchanged. No cash Value.


24 hr Emergency Storm Response and Insurance Work 

The best tree service workmanship in Kalamazoo, Portage and surrounding areas

  • 15th Place :  Free 1/2 cord of Seasoned Firewood.

The Flyer Initiative

February 18

 8 lucky people have already claimed their Coupon code. Dont miss out. Promotion ends FEB 28.

February 7

 Congratulations to the first 4 people to receive 35% off their tree care projects. You guys are good!

Chapin Services, LLC

  • 10th place : extra 10 % off       

  • 20th place :  Free Tree Risk Evaluation on three trees of your choosing.

Tree Care Deals on Pruning and Removals in Kalamazoo, Portage and Surrounding  Areas.

  • 75th place : Free load of un-split, unseasoned firewood. Straight from a removal site. (roughly 2 Cords)

All you have to do is spot us in action passing out flyers in the Greater Kalamazoo Area. Promotion runs through February, keep an eye on our facebook page for hints as to where you can find us.


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