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July  8th

With the dormant season being the only acceptable time to trim your Oak Trees, SIGN UP NOW FOR WINTER TRIMMING!!

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American National Standard Institute

 a selective removal of branches, sprouts, and stubs from trees that have beet topped, severely headed, vandalized, lion tailed, broken in storms, or otherwise damaged to improve the structure, form,or apperance of the tree.

[ storm damage = Restoration ]

Restoration may require a variety of types of cuts. At times, heading cuts may be preferable to branch removal cuts or reduction cuts to preserve as much of a damaged branch as practical. This is sometimes the case when restoring after storm damage.

Removing broken and damaged limbs in the proper manner is extremely important for the health of your trees. Ripped branches expose the core of the tree to the elements and allows for penetration of rot, disease, and insects which will over time, increase the risk of failure.

Nevertheless, our Arborists are dedicated to providing you with the most information and dedication that has never before been seen in the tree care industry. Your tree is apart of your keep and we are here to preserve and maintain the health of them for years to come.

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 restoration: ( Pruning Technique ) 

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