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[Aggressiveness = 3 Levels]

  • Level 1: Limited Visual Assessment:

    • ​​Tree(s), targets and identifies unique conditions of concern (if any). One-sided limited visual inspection done at ground or vehicular based

      • ​*if a level one assessment cannot sufficiently determine the severity of conditions of defects, the assessor should recommend a level two assessment.

  • ​​Level 2: Basic Assessment:

    • ​Tree(s), defects and conditions that affect failure. Tree species failure profiles, loads and growths that occurred in response to loads, site factors that may affect the potential for failure and impact. 360 Degree visual inspection of the trunk and exposed root system. Measurements and recommended action.

      • ​*if a level one assessment cannot sufficiently determine the severity of conditions or defects, the assessor should recommend a level three assessment.

  • Level 3: Advanced Assessment:

    • ​Detailed information about the specific tree(s) parts or defects, site conditions, targets, consequences or factors relevant to the tree(s) situation. Tree(s) species failure profile(s), risk mitigation, residual risk, controlling authority, Site history, risk assessment methodology, risk analysis or aerial visual inspection utilizing tools and techniques not included in a level 1 or 2 assessment.

      • ​When a level three assessment is specified, it shall be done in conjunction with, or after a level 1 or 2 assessment.

 Tree risk assessments:

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 The process of assessing trees for the RISK associated with the FAILURE of a tree or part of a tree and the likely consequences.