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**ATTENTION, tree care has been identified as the Most Dangerous Industry in Michigan and should ONLY be performed by trained, qualified personnel.



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Our arbor services, including tree thinning, tree trimming and tree pruning are ANSI Z133 Safety Compliant so you know your getting the best tree service removal and tree care, Stump Grinding stump removal in Kalamazoo, Portage, Mattawan and surrounding areas. Storm Cleanup 24hr Rapid Tree Service Response

**ATTENTION** All Arbor services, including tree thinning and tree trimming, as well as tree service removals performed in accordance with ISA "Tree Care Best Practices" Tree Pruning (revised 2008) Kalamazoo, Portage, Mattawan Storm Cleanup 24hr Rapid Tree Service Response

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  Structural Pruning:

Structural pruning is used on young and medium-aged trees to help engineer a sustainable trunk and branch arrangement. If young trees are pruned to promote good structure, they likely will remain serviceable in the landscape for more years than trees that have not been structurally pruned. Waiting until the tree grows larger makes structural pruning difficult and is more damaging to the tree. Structural pruning of large-maturing trees such as Maples, Eucalyptus, and Oaks reduces certain defects and spaces main branches along one dominant trunk.

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THE removal of live branches and stems to influence the orientation, spacing, growth rate, strength of attachment, and ultimate size of branches and stems.